Two Days Workshop on GCP Cloud

I was attend two days workshop on google cloud conducted by Linux World under the guidance of none other than Mr. Vimal Daga sir. In these two days we learn some powerful integration with GKE(Google Kubernetes Engine)

In, First day we learn what is project, how to make new project from command line as well as from GUI. We deploy our website on top of Google Cloud. Cloud shell provides the command line interface where we can run all the Linux commands. After we make our own two VPC one for developer and one for production. Our main aim is to launch two instances in two different projects which is present in two different region and want to send the data from one project to another project not via public network but via google network for this google provides one service which VPC peering, which provides reliable , secure and fast connection and now we can send our secure data google provides network connection.

In second Day, we talked about kubernetes as a service this service in gcp known as GKE. We learn what is the importance of kubernetes. We know for deploying our website we wants OS and we wants to launch OS in such a manner that if my OS is shutdown it starts within a seconds so docker comes in a picture docker launch whole OS in a seconds but there is a problem with docker that if my container goes shutdown than we have to start new container manually but it is very complex task to continue monitor our container so we wants some tool that continue monitor our containers and if one of the container goes down it will starts automatically so kubernetes comes in picture.

We create cluster of kubernetes that is known as master slave model . Master is very critical for us because master is the only way to communicate with client and send to the worker. So keep in my mind this thing master is managed by google. we have to launch only worker nodes or slave node.

At last we create on infrastructure in which we deploy our website. Frontend is launched on top of GKE and backend which is our database launched by SQL that is provided by google. We also learn IAM and app engine.



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mayank agrawal

I am devops enthusiast always trying to learn new technologies and try to implement in real world to solve real use cases. Creative integrator