Key Pair, Security Group , EBS Creation using AWS CLI

mayank agrawal
3 min readOct 14, 2020


Hello all,

This is my new task of aws where i have to create key par, Security group, EBS and launch instance with same key pair and attached EBS to this new instance.

Download the aws cli from below ink-

step 1:- First for login to amazon we have to provide the access key, secret key and region. For this in amazon we have the command

First create key-pair. As you can see i have only one key-pair but when i will run aws ec2 create key-pair — name command this will create new key

Now second i have to create new security group

Now i have to attached in rules in this security group.

Now i have to create EBS of size 50 gb

Now last thing i have to launch my instance

Now i have to attached my new volume to this instance

Thank You

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